Zen Wreath

This piece has a wonderfully antique quality.  It looks like it is ancient and rich with history.  I love working with layers especially translucent organza.  The ethereal qualities magically blend the textures and colors in a way that is very pleasing as well as mysterious.

The circular shape of this deign symbolizes the simplicity of Zen; the peace and tranquility. The construction is made of a foundation of painted interfacing with a layer of painted silk organza.  The circle (grapevine) is stenciled onto the organza.  The Flowers are torn from painted tissue paper (sealed and painted). The bird and branch are  made from another process "cotton/parchment" which is my version of "fabric/paper".  A quilt sandwich is put together, the design is assembled and the flowers and wreath are machine quilted and appliqued in one step.  The bird, branch are hand appliqued with button hole stitch.   The entire background is hand stitched with "slow stitch" (a long running stitch).  The edges are finished with strips of painted organza and hand stitched to blend in with the slow stitching.

Size 20×20"



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