Business of Art: Start and Promote Your Art Business

Have you ever thought about turning your creative outlet for crafting into a money-making art business?
Maybe you’ve been dreaming for years about starting your own art or Etsy business or perhaps are just starting to think about how to sell your art. In either case, you’ll appreciate learning from the many resources available on how to promote your art we’ve included in this free eBook.

If you are questioning whether you are ready to sell art for a living, you’ll discover several thought-provoking tips and statistics by Kelly Rand that will help you make a decision. And if you’re not sure of the best marketing techniques or which multi-media sources are the most effective for art networking/selling your art online, then you’ll enjoy reading about the countless creative approaches to art blogging, building websites, showcasing your products, and even building an Etsy business. And for those inspiring artists who wish to "meet and greet" their clients in person, you’ll find amazing suggestions for joining, hosting, and participating in open studios events. If you are excited about the idea of selling your artwork, then being in the business of art may be the right decision for you!



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Discover how to sell your artwork, from running a successful business to how to market your art!

If you’ve ever wondered if you are ready to sell your artwork, or are looking for tips to expand your business knowledge, this eBook is for you!
Learn from four experts how to start and promote your business with this free ebook.

Sell Your Artwork Article: The Business of Art

Sell Your Artwork: Article #1

Are you wishing you had more time to pursue your passion as an artist or. . . have you been dreaming endlessly of turning your creative outlet for crafting into a successful money-making art business? Before quitting your regular nine-to-five day job, you may want to consider these thought-provoking facts by Kelly Rand on small business statistics, marketing tips, production factors, and time management—all of which enter into building a small business or venturing out to sell art on your own. You’ll discover that starting an art business is the easy part; it’s building and sustaining a profitable business that’s the hard part. Kelly will show you that SUCCESS is obtainable, as long as you recognize your motivation, understand your options, and are willing to work at it every day!

Having an Etsy Business Article: How to Make Etsy Work for You

Having an Etsy Business: Article #2

Are you a better artist than a sales person? If so, Timothy Adam would like to help you master how to sell art online and build a successful Etsy business. You may be asking yourself, "What’s Etsy?" If you haven’t ventured into the fun and innovative world of Etsy yet, you’ll learn that Etsy is an online store where aspiring artists can sell their art, do art blogging, buy art supplies, and sell handmade items and vintage goods. Timothy shares tips on how to use Etsy, how to build a site that showcases your work, and how to connect with other artists for the purpose of art networking. You’ll discover the many internet options available in social media today that will ensure your success.

Blogging Tips Article: Adventures in Arting, Blogging

Blogging Tips: Article #3

Do you need a "blog", a "website", or both? Julie Fei-Fan Balzer starts by explaining the difference between the two. A website is a static online representation of you, whereas a blog can be compared to keeping an online diary. Keeping your blog "active" by blogging frequently, is a great way to keep your audience interested, showcase your products, and increase your art networking connections. Julie gives you invaluable blogging tips, ideas for developing great content and how to market your art, and embracing your niche market to guarantee success in selling your artwork online.

Open Studios Events Article: 45 Tips for Making Your Open Studios Event a Success

Open Studios Events: Article #4

If you enjoy displaying in an open studio setting and value the intimacy of meeting your clients in person, then you’ll appreciate all of the useful tips contained in this informative article by Jenn Mason. Jenn outlines over 40 suggestions for renting studio space, advertising your event, writing an artist statement, labeling your work, recruiting volunteers, and even selecting snacks. If you’re new to open studios, or are an experienced artist looking for some new and innovative ideas for your next open studios event, this free eBook is an event-planning must-have.

Learn how to use Etsy and sell your art online with ease.

Plus, along with these articles on how to sell your art, online blogging tips, and ideas for promoting your business, you’ll tap into an entire community of thriving and creative artists just like you. And, with this free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you’ll discover a support network of thousands of mixed-media artists to help you along your journey.


Learn how to market and sell your art online and in a studio with this free eBook.

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