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Whale watching in Victor

Applique and beading of whale watching in Victor Harbor, South Australia. A contemporary art quilt which I donated to the Anna Ziedare's Latvian Summer High School in Normanville, South Australia, January 2013. The wall hanging measures approx 1 metre wide by about 1 and a half metres high.


Indigo shibori dye base, hand embroidery, machine embroidery metallic threads, crochet, hand tinted cloth laminated (lumpy rock), resin (water on shell), beading. 

Dance in Light

Materials used are my hand-dyed fabric, paper, watercolors, gel transfers (text), beads, hand embroidery, machine stitching. My inspiration was my watercolor painting, of which the best part was the leaves! So I cut them out and glued and embroidered them to the background. I layered fabrics to create the background, embellishing with tissue paper, beads,…

Japanese Garden by Rita Summers

japanese fabrics, vintage coins, stencilled and stamped images, acrylic paint, broderie perse applique, free-motion stitching, gold and variegated threads, couching and 3D applique

It’s a New ME!

I created a fabric collage on a machine quilted muslin background. Appliqued shapes are embellished with eyelets and brads. Decorative metal swirls are repeated in black marker shapes in the background which is enhanced with colored pencils. Ribbon accents are repeated throughout the design and in the twisted bias tape binding. The title reflects my…

"My Pink Heaven"

This is a self-portrait done in water soluble pencils, dyes, paint, applique, beads, gel pen, and machine stitching. I do fabric portraits, but hadn't done any images of myself.  Ever.   It's not entirely an objective approach, but I added elements I love, such as deconstructed silk screening (my new thrill) and beads.    I also…

Beach Terrace Landscape Wall Hanging

The weft used in this woven wall hanging was made from previously used paper that was hand spun into yarn. The yarn was then hand dyed. The landscape imagery was created using fabric that was appliquéd onto the woven paper background. Detail was added with free hand machine embroidery and stitching.

journal cover

Journal cover made using discarded fabric scraps.  Stitched onto silk organza underlayer and heavily embellished with free motion machine stitching, hand sewing, embroidery, beads, buttons, ribbon, silk organza, discarded jewelery bits,  milagros, charms, found objects.  Lined with hand dyed silk, and closed with machine stitched cord.

The Mirror

The Mirror is a reverse applique of cotton cloth. It was then embroidered and embellished (encrusted) with glass, shell, coral, and sterling silver beads, and a mirror. This piece was made during a series of political events wherein the protagonists were very busy announcing the motes in the eyes of others apparently unable to notice…

Prayers I

Prayers I is a multi-layered reverse applique embellished with beads and reconfigured trash. You will find in this piece: silvered plastic cutouts (potato chip bags), used CD triangles, oatmeal lid directives, encased teatag wisdoms, #6 plastic charms (illustrated shrink plastic), candy wrappers snipped to the size of sequins, sock clips and precisely carved vegetable tray…