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Taking Art Outdoors

Taking art outdoors requires some guts and a little planning, but few things are more exciting and rewarding. Whether you’re art journaling in an outdoor café, painting en plein air, hosting a hand-lettering demo, or just doodling in a notebook in the park, being outside or with other people adds elements of inspiration and surprise…

A transparency overlay, depicting underwater plants, reminds us to look below the surface to enjoy even more of the ocean’s riches.

Make Your Own Travel Journal

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Dina Wakley at Art Journaling Live 2

Behind the Scenes of Art Journaling Live 2

Being part of a live art event is exciting, humbling, exhilarating, inspirational—and most of all, fun. Last year I had the great fortune of being at Art Journaling Live 2, an all-day mixed-media workshop we hosted in Arlington, Texas. Teaching were four outstanding artist instructors: Dina Wakley, Nathalie Kalbach, Mary Beth Shaw, and Julie Fei-Fan…

art journal card—–

a digital design for the back of my art journal cards for the coming year.  The butterfly symbolizes rebirth while the forget-me-nots will keep special memories alive.