Tag: Art Therapy

Visual Journal

Handmade triptych style visual journal made from leaves and handmade papers.  Picked leaves while walking in the park.  Brought them back home, inked them and pressed them onto handmade paper.  Using binder's board, I made the triptych journal and bound it with the handmade papers.   http://suzannecoley.blogspot.com

Heal the Wound but Leave the Scar

ART AS THERAPY is a concept I live by.  While in the middle of conflict, creating an image on canvas helps to sort out "How do I feel about that?". This canvas depicts painted (acrylic) forms of a tattoo I designed and got when I divorced 4 years ago. I have since met and married,…

A piece of me still remains

As a carer to a mother who has dementia, this page is about the many roles that take over your live with the main one being 'carer' and the fight to hold on to a piece of the real you.


Center page from visual art journal Metro.   suzannecoley.blogspot.com


Created on acrylic paper with gesso, acrylics, images, negative strips, ink, metallic paint, gel pen, word strips from computer and water soluble crayons.