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Inside the Mind of Assemblage Artist Jen Hardwick

We’ve all marveled at pieces of spectacular artwork and wished to know more about how they were created. In this column from our January/February 2015 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, mixed-media assemblage artist Jen Hardwick gives us a glimpse into her inspirations and artistic process. We hope her story inspires you in your own assemblage…

Summer lovin’

I love making people,  l think that expressions on our faces speak more than words. I used recycled wood, rusty nails and wire, rubber ball, cotton wool, paper and acrylic paint, in creating this piece.  

Mixed-Media Art Inspired by Autumn

When I see all the cool materials you can use to create amazing mixed-media art, I have one fear: becoming a hoarder. I want to save everything! But all of my supplies and ephemera actually have a purpose–at least, potentially. I have button drawer, a stash of yarn, and drawers full of paints, brushes, markers,…