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These are the materials I received for the art collaboration. How do they inspire you?

Watercolor Wonder: On Questions and Art Collaboration

“Art, to me, is a question. It should never be an answer.” – Marilyn Manson There are many ways to begin a project. A powerful one is to begin with an inquiry, then commit to an act of creative exploration. To explore familiar materials in new ways. This is what this blog series, Watercolor Wonder,…

Vibrant Girl

I used patterned paper to make her dress and flowers. This is my first time working on a canvas too. TFL!

City Nights

12×12 canvas, acrylic paints, tree stencils, modeling paste, paper (city scape and moon),


STYLISH STEAMPUNK  All materials used have been donated, recycled or upcycled.  To look at the process in pictures please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.240228846134746.1073741838.149972985160333&type=1 Materials used: paints – spray, acrylic, metallics; eyeshadow – white, browns; metals – broken jewelery, antique lock & key, watch pieces, eyelets, necklace chains; old stamp, mesh from old shawl, tassels from lamp…

The Queen Bee

12 x 16" Mixed media on canvas. I use paper and fabric collage as a base and then add painted elements to finish the piece. Each of the bees/wasps is handpainted over the collaged canvas. Here is a detail:

Earth Angel

This is a mixed media collage painting using acrylic paints, collage papers, digital elements, and mica paints on canvas.