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Creativity and inspiration | Carrie Schmitt, ClothPaperScissors.com

Creativity: 12 Artists On What To Do When You Get Stuck Creatively

When it comes to creativity, it helps to have a muse–or a dozen. I’m excited to add artist Carrie Schmitt to my list of inspiring people, because every time I pick up her new book, Painted Blossoms, I gain a piece of insight. In addition to providing instructions on how to create mixed-media flower art,…

Mixed-media art by Danielle Donaldson | ClothPaperScissors.com

Creativity and An Easy Way to Make Time for Art

You want to create art. You want to express yourself and make beautiful things. It’s as important as any other aspect of your life, because it is who you are. There’s a lot of pressure on us to prioritize our lives, to put other people first, to keep our living space immaculate, to have perfect…

Creative Mind Map

It was created by cutting my own silhouette from a map of my home state. I positioned it to take full advantage of the geography of my home town and surrounding area. I-79 provided an edge to the face. I used watercolor pencil to give it the flesh tone. From there, I used words in…

90% Ikea mixed media craft room

This is where all  my art/craft books are kept. I actually got this unit at Target so it and the tool shelf are the only non-Ikea units in the room. I try to keep the books and magazines organized by subject. Top shelf is paper/mixed media/collage stuff. Second shelf is magazines in the paper/mixed media…

Storage – Awkward places

I have tried to make the most of some of all the space in my studio and found it these plastic (fluff) jars are great to store smaller supplies that you want to be able to see, and keep them out of the way.  This way I've managed to use what might have been an…

Shelving Ideas

I was given a couple of wooded slatted CD shelves and thought they would come in handy in my studio.  It was easy to put up and the shelving slotted in.  I used the shelving to store some of my supplies and worked around the size of the supply to how many shelves were going…

Studio space at last

I finally got me a space, its small, but its mine, and so great to be able to not worry about putting things out of the way.

A piece of me still remains

As a carer to a mother who has dementia, this page is about the many roles that take over your live with the main one being 'carer' and the fight to hold on to a piece of the real you.


Created on acrylic paper with gesso, acrylics, images, negative strips, ink, metallic paint, gel pen, word strips from computer and water soluble crayons.