Tag: Dia De Los Muertos

Me as a Mix Media Sugar Skull

Myself in Sugar Skull makeup in a collage done with sequences, rhinestones, glitter, paint, flower stickers, heavy weight tracing paper and cardstock. Background reads "viva el día de los muertos". 

A friend 'til the end

Go There Now I formed this paper mâché Day of the Dead skull head using a balloon. S/he is embellished with pipe cleaner worms, satin flowers, and glitter and pearl accented gauze butterflies. I used press-on nails as teeth. Hand drawn silver flowers decorate the back of the head. Height: 6”; width < 6” I had so…

Floral Calavera

     Dia de los Muertos reminds me of my heritage, my ancestors, and where I come from – all combining to make me who I am today. Therefore, my skull is colorful and happy.      Floral Calavera is a 6" x 6" mixed-media Dia de los Muertos skull doodled with flowers and various other…