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Recycled Journal

 A 6" x 6" spiral bound journal with chipboard covers and 16 watercolor paper pages. The pages feature scraps from my bundles and are sewn to the pages. To read more about this project visit: http://jessicaloughrey.blogspot.com/2011/04/spiral-journal.html

Mandi’s DisCo Project

Recipe, (basically things I have found around the house) 2 peices of tissue wrapping, one white, one dark blue 4 small peices of patterned paper 4 old-ish embrodiery threads  1 peice of hard backing card 3 pages from a recent community news paper 1 take-away rice box! Bundled up, then striped with acrylic paints and…

Barefoot Boy…with cheek

This bundle has been up for four weeks now…the book is starting to swell nicely and the feather and strings tattering nicely. I thought the title of the book was appropriate somehow to this project! To see more pictures of this bundle, go to my blog: http://clearerreflections.blogspot.com

Dave’s Bundle – Week 5

It's been fun watching this bundle and it's companion change over the last weeks. Things are starting to curl and tatter…it's great! For more on this bundle, go to my blog: http://www.clearerreflections.blogspot.com

Under the Mimosa

This is my weathered art packet, hanging from a mimosa tree just outside my studio window–and very near a bird feeder that attracts numerous cardinals, chickadees, housefinches, bluejays, mourning doves, and one very obnoxious male squirrel. Deb in Houston

Samantha’s DisCo project revealed

I opened up my packet once it dried from the last rain after about 3 weeks outside.  I did get some nice color transfer from the papers onto the muslin and a few of the papers turned out interesting.  Because of all the rain we've had, several of the pages and the center chip board…