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Recycled Journal

 A 6" x 6" spiral bound journal with chipboard covers and 16 watercolor paper pages. The pages feature scraps from my bundles and are sewn to the pages. To read more about this project visit: http://jessicaloughrey.blogspot.com/2011/04/spiral-journal.html

Disintigrated Italy

Because I live in a very dry area of Colorado (8,000'), getting my bundle to 'weather' has been a challenge.  So it hung on the old shutter in the garden for ages until I finally took it down last month. Most of the papers were from Italy.  Travel guides, road maps, photos from magazines, and…

My bundle outside in the backyard, the initial photo.

I used mat board instead of bookboard for my sturdy part, and their are four bundles of papers.  I used watercolor paper, newspaper, tissue, pages from an old book, old acrylic painting bits and pieces, punchinella, ribbon, twine, seam tape, buttons, sequins, and beads.  I colored some papers with water soluble crayons and some with…