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Thought I would share on of my little paper dolls that I love to  make for fun. ^_^  This one is of Cinderella from the wonderfully classic fairy tale, which I just adore.  She is made with coloured pencils, gold ink and white ink.  She is first coloured on a seperate sheet of paper, then…

Queen Charlotte Pumpkin

I distressed a carve-able pumpkin to house an altered art doll (Queen Charlotte) and her molded companions (Frozen Charlotte dolls). Decoupaged decorative napkins and brass-colored "rhinestones" were used to create the interior background.

an inspirational studio view

My studio is located in a 1860's Courthouse ..complete with restless spirits from the past ..and things that go bump in the night (I tend not to work there at night much! 🙂 My window overlooks the now abandoned jail and the courtyard where public hangings occurred up until the 1960's..This aside..the space is my…


Canvas 40x40cm Mixed media painting:paper and fabric collage,acrylic paints, watercolor pencils and crayons, stamps, http;//mokicostalobomota.blogspot.com


Canvas 30x30cm Mixed Media painting; collage, stamps, acrylic paints, watercolor pencils and crayons http://mokicostalobomota.blogspot.com


"Sisters" was inspired by Critter Stuffies by Daryle Cook in CPS December 2009 issue. I made these dolls as a Christmas present for my younger sister. I copied our faces on muslin and decorated the dolls using lace, buttons and fabric skirts. The sisters are holding hands and a tag that says "sisters" one one…

JoJo Felted Doll

This is one of my felted dolls I've been making. The body and baubles are wool, and the face is paperclay. ( you can see others on my blog,too. http://theredtin.blogspot.com/ )