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Make a Fabric Collage Book

There’s something about winter that makes me so eager to create fabric collages. Must be the cold weather and long nights that compel me to rummage through my fabric scraps and get into the rhythmic calm of hand stitching. For a recent project I decided to create a fabric collage with something practical in mind—a…

A Fabric Collage with Texture

We have an exciting new Art Lesson out, and this one’s a little different—it interprets our theme of Texture Adventures with fabric collage. Deborah Boschert is the artist who wrote Tiny Textured Treasures, and it will get you thinking about texture in a whole new way. Deborah’s well known for her beautiful textile collages, and…

Treasure Keepers

These small change purses/treasure keepers were inspired by the freestyle patchwork patterns made by Linda Willis in the January/February 2015 magazine article.  I belong to a group on Facebook called Art Abandonment. We make artwork of any kind and abandon them anonymously around the world.  Check us out.

The Hoot Owl Family

The Hoot Owl Family mini art quilt/coaster device is constructed of recycled and upcycled bits: old dryer sheets for batting; decorator sample books for the fabric; and found objects for the eyes and noses – with the larger red owl’s nose being the metal cinch from the netting that came from the frozen turkey for…

Mixed Media glittery collage

I started out painting a scenic flower garden, but didn't get very far when I decided to start glueing dryer sheets, music sheets, old dictionary paper, gauze, tissue paper and paper towels spray inked from previous art work. After everything was glued, i put a little bit of glitter on it & loved the outcome,…

Street Fashion #11

My entry for the sweet silhouette challenge. This is #11 in my Street Fashion series. The rest of the series can be seen on my blog:  http://jessicaloughrey.blogspot.com/search/label/street%20fashion

First Snow Silhouette

A cotton fabric quilted collage with netting, ribbon and  beads embellishment.  In a cityscape under a full moon during a light snow, the iron bench came from a larger house quilt I'm making for a friend of her Victorian house.  I enjoyed cutting abstract silhouettes of her black iron porch chairs sitting at an angle and thought a…


Canvas 40x40cm Mixed media painting:paper and fabric collage,acrylic paints, watercolor pencils and crayons, stamps, http;//mokicostalobomota.blogspot.com