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Letter Keeper I received

This letter keeper, made of embossed felt and black felt applique, was what I received in a swap.  I sent off a letter keeper of the same size in green with contrasting embroidery floss hand stitching — wish I kept a picture of it!


I used dark denim for the base, and burlap for the background.  The roof is a scrap of houndstooth fabric, the door is red felt, and the house white cotton.  The windows were cut from decorative paper, to which I added light blue paint and drew the panes with a silver permanent marker.  The grass…

Whispered Secrets

Her face is fashioned from craft felt.  Strips of recycled t-shirt fabric are hand-hooked into burlap cloth – much as one would hook a rug – to create her tresses.  The background fabric is a portion of unbleached muslin onto which I write during my morning meditation process. The muslin is heavily machine-stitched to a…

The Visitor

Hand dyed cotton (Sharpie and alcohol) Hand made felt. Cotton embroidery threads, regular cotton. Machine and hand stitched. Wadding and heavy cotton backing.

Serenity with a twist

Started out with a recycled piece of jeans fabric, needle felted sheep's fleece, silk fibers, yarn and threads with machine onto the jeans fabric.  Sewed different fabrics such as cotton, organza in flower shapes  Used puff paint for some designs in red and orange, sewed glass beads, embroidered purple French knots using a ribbon, more…

Felt Flower Hat

How I spent my week: designing and creating a donation piece for an auction to benefit Therapeutic Horse-riding and Youth Outreach Programs. This is my first attempt at hat decorating! Traditional millinery technique dictates that ornamentation is sewn, not glued, into place. Lots and lots and lots of teen-tiny stitches, including seed bead embellishment. Done!!!

Felt Bird

Designed and made a 12 inch prototype of a fantasy bird in felt. The actual birds – three of them – will measure more than 6 feet from tip of beak to tip of tail, and will serve as Spring/Summer window dressing in a neighborhood gift shop.  Never worked that large before – woo-hoo!!!


this a needlefelted image of my daughter. I drew with merino wools and some wool knitting wool for her hair. The face was needlefelted onto cotton quilt batting, and then the finer details such as eyes were hand stitched with dmc thread to create definition.

redroad/blue sky

This is a 1.5×2 metre artquilt made from hand dyed wool prefelt, which is then, needlefelted and overlaid with assorted cotton fibres, merino wool and fine silk. After carefully creting the background the piece was machine quilted and heavily nneedlefelted  to manipulate and create the look of a road after the rain and muddy. The…

Bobab Sunset

This piece uses deconstructed cotton and quilt fabrics , reconstructed into background material along with silk and merino fibers. Once the base was created the boab trees in silohuette were felted in and then finished off with machine embroidert.