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this a needlefelted image of my daughter. I drew with merino wools and some wool knitting wool for her hair. The face was needlefelted onto cotton quilt batting, and then the finer details such as eyes were hand stitched with dmc thread to create definition.

redroad/blue sky

This is a 1.5×2 metre artquilt made from hand dyed wool prefelt, which is then, needlefelted and overlaid with assorted cotton fibres, merino wool and fine silk. After carefully creting the background the piece was machine quilted and heavily nneedlefelted  to manipulate and create the look of a road after the rain and muddy. The…

Bobab Sunset

This piece uses deconstructed cotton and quilt fabrics , reconstructed into background material along with silk and merino fibers. Once the base was created the boab trees in silohuette were felted in and then finished off with machine embroidert.

owl whimsy

this was my project for a felted wonder and it was really fun to work on, I used cardboard for a tree trunk, color catchers dyed for leaves along with felted wools, old jewlery and buttons sewn on, needle felted tree top background and wool loopy yarn. I have watercolor paper on the edge with…

felted mask

It's knitted, wet-felted &stitched. I wear it around the house from time to time, but it's very hardto see out of it. Nevertheless, if I don't want someone to recognize me…it's absolutely perfect!!

The Fish

The fish is needle felted with stitching on a backdrop of my hand-made paper embellished with buttons & wet-felted pebbles.


Stitched on a hand dyed background of linen with added touch of pulled threads, I stitched with metallic thread, on a scrap of nuno felted silk and hand batik colored tissue paper .  The fibers of the various types and colors of wool were felted into a chiffon silk and then embellished with glass beads,…

The Colors of Women

The background is a method of layering colored tissue, bleaching, using a batik method of waxing and layering on color with inks. My felted addition is a nuno method on kaki green chiffon silk. I laid out merino wool under the silk then on top of the silk, strands of colored yarns, silk ribbon threads,…