Tag: Found Objects

Measuring Family Values

Which family member scores best…mother/sister/son/father/etc? Scrabble tiles tell the tale! I love construction these days, especially wood and metal. This piece was my first to use canvas covered with stucco…great experiment…

Stringless Violin

Scarlet Scandalvarius coincidentally emerged the same week the 299 year old missing Stradivarius violin was found in someone's attic. My life-size piece was inspired by a red vintage tabletop. Immediately an old shoehorn screamed at me to be repurposed as the chin rest. Scandal comes by way of skinning used baseballs for their pliable stitching…

Stringless Banjo

Third in my series of stringless instruments, this stringless instrument, Oh Susannah, honors the late-great Pete Seeger. Riffing on the games we play and the chase to be The Winner —used baseballs, hockey stick, game board, game pieces and piano parts were salvaged and repurposed to sing this song. Tools: Bandsaw, hand drill, table sander

Time's Tale

This is part of a Time Art Series each having a clock part piece involved somehow.  I fancy this one because I love the clock part in it.  Materials include various paints, papers, natural found objects, and other refurbished, recycled objects.  I find having a theme which I can create a series from helps me…

Rustic Home Mixed Media Wood & Found Objects Art

Rustic home was created with pieces of wood I found while exploring in the country. I applied them to a wooden bookcase shelf, painted them, embellished them with found objects, and decorative paper covored gears, and sealed it all. 

Repurposed Boxes

Used wooden boxes and a garden gate were salvaged, sanded, sealed and redirected for a new lease on life. Old book covers, came boards, shutter slats, wooden implements (and more) were cleaned, cut and nailed to dress-up the containers.

Improved Clown Assemblage

I posted this assemblage in February, but since then I've improved it. It's arms used to be paper clips, for one thing! It's fun doing assemblage art when you come up with an idea for using whatever "junk" you have on hand or find wherever!

Old Glory

This is a 2'x 3' found object assemblage which I started and finished in my studio.  FInding the right glue to use was the trick. I offered it up to the local community for participation in filling the designated color sections.  Only myself and my helpers were allowed to tackle the gluing.  It makes its…