Tag: Hand Felting

redroad/blue sky

This is a 1.5×2 metre artquilt made from hand dyed wool prefelt, which is then, needlefelted and overlaid with assorted cotton fibres, merino wool and fine silk. After carefully creting the background the piece was machine quilted and heavily nneedlefelted  to manipulate and create the look of a road after the rain and muddy. The…

felted mask

It's knitted, wet-felted &stitched. I wear it around the house from time to time, but it's very hardto see out of it. Nevertheless, if I don't want someone to recognize me…it's absolutely perfect!!

The Fish

The fish is needle felted with stitching on a backdrop of my hand-made paper embellished with buttons & wet-felted pebbles.


Stitched on a hand dyed background of linen with added touch of pulled threads, I stitched with metallic thread, on a scrap of nuno felted silk and hand batik colored tissue paper .  The fibers of the various types and colors of wool were felted into a chiffon silk and then embellished with glass beads,…

The Colors of Women

The background is a method of layering colored tissue, bleaching, using a batik method of waxing and layering on color with inks. My felted addition is a nuno method on kaki green chiffon silk. I laid out merino wool under the silk then on top of the silk, strands of colored yarns, silk ribbon threads,…

Storm at Sea

Wet felted wool with mulberry silk, silk hankies and mulberry bark fibre.  Free motion stitching with Rayon threads. Trimmed with handspun cotton floss and hand painted, handmade, paper beads.  All mounted onto washi paper bonded onto muslin.

Felted Wool Monster Beaded Necklace

This necklace is a combination of my interest in needle felting, beading, embroidering and wire working. The monsters were created by needle felting their bodies with wool roving, sewing on felt eyes and embroidering their mouths. I used wire to string the monster beads and other wool embroidered beads onto the beaded necklace.  

"Water Lilies"

This wall hanging was inspired by my last visit to the garden Utopia, located in Israel. The garden is such a romantic place. It is full of gorgeous orchids, magnificent roses, and beautifully designed water pools with a huge musical fountain in the middle of the park. A beautiful place to visit and explore! This…