Tag: Handcarved Stamp

Carved Stamp "Inspired by Crop Circles"

This is a carved rubber stamp using a piece of Speedy Carve rubber and a linoleum cutter by Speedball. This is my first attempt at producing a quarter repeat stamp. You get different patterns depending on which corner of the stamp you choose to have as a center point.

snowmen stamped collages

I carved and printed these snowmen on various papers, and then I incorporated the stamped images into collages.  I especially liked stamping onto tracing paper and then playing with the transparent effect.

Print of Three Continuous Flowers

This is a print of the Three Continuous Flowers block so you could see how it connects on all sides, having the design flow from one print to the one next to it.  I went over the design with pen and ink (in the center) so it is easier to see the connections.  I hope…

Julie B. Booth Shell Design

This design is based on sketches I made of a broken moon snail shell. I took one of my sketches, simplified it for a more graphic look and then rotated it a quarter turn. I decided to add a small snail shell design to the center of the block for interest. I've used this block…