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Handmade Holiday: The Best Gifts to Give

It’s never too early to start thinking about handmade holiday gifts! Making something by hand for your loved ones is the ultimate way to say you care. So leave yourself enough time to plan and create without pressure—and by all means, consult these fantastic books and videos. They have everything you need to get started…

Scrappiez family picture

Go There Now  Scrappiez© are one-of-a-kind, whimsical creature creations (fiber art dolls/stuffies) and are my original designs and creations. Each design is unique, embellished and named. Most Scrappiez sell for $25.00  and under, and I do ship out of state. Special orders/request are also available. WWW. Facebook,com/Scrappiez Go There Now

Mixed-Media Map

This map was made intuitively and represents the many changes and interesting paths I've chosen in my life.  The materials are marbelized paper, paint, markers and old buttons with machine stitching and hand embroidery.

OOAK Halloween Assemblage/DollHouse Miniature

Go There Now Ive been working on this piece forever, finally finished after making lots of the elements by hand, the candles, books, bottles, picture frames, bars, tarot cards, voodoo doll and so much more there really is a lot to see, the picture doesn't do it justice. Go There Now

black, white, read all over ornament challenge due July 11, 2014

My Frida Kahlo ornament can be used year round as it includes various drawings that I have did of Frida Kahlo throughout her lifetime.  I trimmed down on of my art exhibition postcard invitations to the proper size, then added color red heart made from silky ribbon.  I, also, added a red ribbon, recycled, to hang…


Thought I would share on of my little paper dolls that I love to  make for fun. ^_^  This one is of Cinderella from the wonderfully classic fairy tale, which I just adore.  She is made with coloured pencils, gold ink and white ink.  She is first coloured on a seperate sheet of paper, then…

Old Glory II

Vintage window shutter (de-slatted) used as frame, MDF panel added to backside. Found objects selected, trimmed, glued and/or nailed.  Topcoat of satin varnish. Constructed by Cathleen Bradley  

Vintage Mica Necklace

I remember when my Grandmother would bring out her piece of Mica rock and let me play with it. I would slowly peel away a piece and then would peel each little layer apart as well. So you can imagine the memories it brought back when I started designing this vintage necklace. I also used…