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Rustic Home Mixed Media Wood & Found Objects Art

Rustic home was created with pieces of wood I found while exploring in the country. I applied them to a wooden bookcase shelf, painted them, embellished them with found objects, and decorative paper covored gears, and sealed it all. 

Change your world

As sweet as home is, at one point we all leave home to find love.  Home is where the dream begins and as we go in search for love we will have some good laughs along the way.  Hence the words "Dream, Laugh, Love".   Note the words on the house says "Change your world"…

My Old Red Door Cottage

I love old cottages…and if I had my druthers…and more money! (lol)….I would get one and decorate &  refurbish  up a storm!!   However, I am settling for painting and dreaming about them. This one I painted (pen and ink, as well as pastels and paint pens)  about a year ago on a photo of an…

"Hillbilly Fun Haus"

This is my take on a funhouse using a picture from a trip to the Black Hills (The Cosmos).   I used bristol paper, open acrylics, ink, recycled soda can (wavy mirrors) and super sipper straw (tunnel that goes through the length of the house).   

"Hillbilly Fun Haus"

This is the side and back.  I wanted to show the canvas "big top" and the tunnel that goes through to the other side.  I used a super-sipper straw for the color (red) and scale I needed. 

"Art Museum"

I played on the idea of having my art in a museum….. while I am still alive 🙂  I used bristol paper, laser copies of photos of my artwork, wood (flooring) from home improvement magazine, red fiber paper, open acrylic and ink.  I used the Minneapolis Institute of Art as inspiration for the exterior.   

"Art Museum"

This is the interior.  It consists of laser copies of (downsized) photos of paintings that I have done/sold.  The chair is also painted and is a downsized photo of an actual chair that is in my studio.  

"A True Beach House"

This is the interior of the house.  I used a soda can for the lounge and table.  The towel is also re-purposed.   The photos are from our trip to Hawaii/Maui.  The sand is glass bead medium.  I had so much fun with creating and reliving the memories 🙂