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Rustic Home Mixed Media Wood & Found Objects Art

Rustic home was created with pieces of wood I found while exploring in the country. I applied them to a wooden bookcase shelf, painted them, embellished them with found objects, and decorative paper covored gears, and sealed it all. 

There's No Place Like Home

Mixed media piece using acrylic paints, pattern papers, pen, inks, rubber stamps, stencils and rub-ons. She pauses as she approaches her home and silently gives thanks for the comfort and warmth her home provides.

She Seeks Beauty

She stands in a field of flowers with the wind in her hair.  This for me symbolizes how we can see life.  Either we see the beauty and listen to our soul, or we can focus on the things that aren't so beautiful. She chooses to seek out beauty and see the beauty that surrounds…

Change your world

As sweet as home is, at one point we all leave home to find love.  Home is where the dream begins and as we go in search for love we will have some good laughs along the way.  Hence the words "Dream, Laugh, Love".   Note the words on the house says "Change your world"…

My Old Red Door Cottage

I love old cottages…and if I had my druthers…and more money! (lol)….I would get one and decorate &  refurbish  up a storm!!   However, I am settling for painting and dreaming about them. This one I painted (pen and ink, as well as pastels and paint pens)  about a year ago on a photo of an…

Tweets Style

Tweet loves creating a muse, just ask and she will turn remnants of a spider web into silk beads, although sometimes she finds herself in a little trouble.   I collected things in nature and those many things tucked away in my art studio and mixed it together to create Tweet's Style.  

Dream House

Not having a clear idea of where I was headed with this piece, I let it evolve on it's own. When I do that, it takes A LOT longer…but I usually get a unique story. I was trying to make a house into a crown on top of my head, but it just wouldn't go…

Denim and Old Lace Pillow

This decorative pillow features very old lace and buttons along with crocheted flowers for an old-fashioned feel.  But the denim base makes it an accessory that fits just as well in a more modern decor.