Tag: Mixed Media Collage

Who’s Up for an Art Supply Challenge?

I had one of those days recently when I walked into my studio and thought, I need to shake things up with an art supply challenge. The same materials were showing up in my artwork again and again, and I was neglecting some that I was too tired/busy/lazy to haul out and work with. No…

Studio Saturdays: Making Mandalas

Mandalas have been around for millennia, and it’s easy to see why this motif, which signifies the cosmos and wholeness, has universal appeal for artists. Mandalas can be imbued with layers of meaning, interpreted in endless colors, shapes, and patterns, and rendered in any medium. Creating a mandala can be an intense spiritual experience or…

Announcing the finalists of the Hand-Cut Stencil Reader Challenge

We are happy to announce the finalists in our Hand-Cut Stencil reader challenge. Thank you to all who entered. Congratulations to the following artists: Franca Westaway • Cornwall, England Theresa Mirabile •Pensacola, FL Cynthia Mosca • Bloomington, IN Linda Edkins Wyatt • New York, NY Candy Tutt • Woodland, CA Carol Weissler • Castroville, TX Joanna…

Easter Luminaria

 Constructed from heavy duty watercolor paper textured with layers of acrylic paint. The light openings are cut-outs of chicks and folksy dots, and this has been embellished with free-form machine sewn fabric eggs, hand sewn beads, and decoratively edged corners. I based it on the X-Book design. Opened, it measures 10"w x 3-3/4"h x 3"d. It'll fold…

white Fish

This painting was done on watercolor paper. The background is watercolor with fabric for the tree line. The fish is collage of children's art work that I saved from classes I've had at my studio. I used a black felt tip pen for the details on the fish.

Blue Moon

This is a collage using various materials including found materials, paints, colored pencils, gel pens, etc. I used my own drawings and a poem I wrote. 


This is a mixed media collage painting that I did using acrylic paint and collage papers.