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Creating Layers for Mixed Media with Seth Apter

I’m thrilled to let you know that Seth Apter has two brand new Creative Workshop videos: 10 Techniques for Mixed Media Artists, and 10 Techniques for Painting Layers. If you’ve seen Seth’s incredible artwork, you know that he’s an expert at creating layers for mixed media with tons of depth and texture. Wonder no longer…

Studio Saturday: Studio Inspiration

What’s your favorite way to read Cloth Paper Scissors? From front to back? Featured projects first? Straight to the table of contents? I ask because there’s a fun article in the September/October 2017 issue I don’t want you to miss, especially if you’re a skipper-arounder. In Collage (page 7), artist Cathy Nichols shows off a beautiful…

Mixed-Media Watercolor: Believe the Hype!

I’m not one for jumping on a trend just because it’s popular, but the mixed-media watercolor trend lives up to the hype. The effects are incredible. No matter where you are in your watercolor practice, from never-touched-it to do-it-every-day, there’s an artist I’d like you to meet: Danielle Donaldson. Let me tell you why you…

Studio Saturday: Mail Art Like You’ve Never Seen

Before you embark on your summer travel plans, I have one request: Don’t send commercial postcards. I have a much better idea—send mail art on a postcard. This type of mail art doesn’t require a lot of time, the techniques are crazy fun, and the results are awesome. It’s called etegami, and Diana Trout explains it well…

Mixed-media art ideas | Jodi Ohl, ClothPaperScissors.com

How to Nail Bright Colors in Mixed-Media Art

I have taught and continue to teach a variety of mixed-media art workshops online and in person around the country over the last several years, so it’s no wonder I’ve heard just about every question there is around painting, selling art, and becoming a full time artist that there is.

Mixed-media art by Sue Pelletier | ClothPaperScissors.com

Paint What You Love and Love What You Paint

You may already know of Sue Pelletier’s distinct and personal mixed-media art from her book, Collage Paint Draw, which I’ve featured here previously. The book includes step-by-step lessons for beginners, including this simple demo on how to create an image transfer using packing tape (below). I’m bringing this title to your attention today because if you…

Expressive painting | Annie O'Brien Gonzales, ClothPaperScissors.com

Painters Who Obey The Urge | Expressive Painting

Annie O’Brien Gonzales realized her painting style wasn’t what she wanted it to be, and sought ways to make it more authentic. She found what she was looking for when she discovered the art of expressive painting.

Mixed-media painting lessons

Underneath or On Top? Acrylic and Oil for Mixed-Media Painting

So you want to create a mixed-media painting that includes both acrylic and oil paint. If you want to use both of these paints, you need to know that it matters which you put on the canvas first. Annie O’Brien Gonzales addresses this approach and much more in her new book, Bold Expressive Painting: Painting Techniques…