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Holly Campbell

 My Resolution is to create more, worry less.  I want to gather my ideas, allow them to hatch, bloom, and soar!  Materials I used:  glass bottle, various papers, wire, pebbles, pastels, wooden drawer.  Thank you for your consideration!

Mixed Media Journal Page – Jill Steffey

On this page, I collaged Christmas wrapping paper and tissue scraps with fluid matte medium. Over that, I added found object stamping with acrylic paints, rubber stamping with stamp inks, two pencil sketches, then I painted in the title with acrylics. Resolutions are written in permanent marker.

Diana Carr

My resolution this year is to break away from my fears about showing or selling my work. I am determined to enter 8 contests or exhibits before the end of 2010. I started with a collage piece, then decided to add a 3-D sculpted character breaking through the fears. Materials used: Grocery paper bag Scrapbook…

Seed Thoughts by Kathleen Barnes

"Seed Thoughts"   My theme for this New Year is to : "Begin…and Begin again". To allow the beginnings of creative seed thoughts the nurturing time and attention to grow and develop fully.   Gold gesso on 12 X 12 canvas collages, then the figure drawn and painted with oil sticks, inks and acrylics.

Vou Best

2010 began by reviewing CPS back issues. To the Studio to create, inspired by three featured artists: Karen Michel Premier issue p.12, Lynne Ciacco #15 p.38 Judy Coates Perez #17 p.25, Car Shows is a collage on stretched canvas using photo’s, watercolor pencils, transparent dyes, wire & fabric trims.

Heart Tree by gg

My New Year’s resolution was to create some form of art every day. As you can see my Heart Tree includes “Cloth, Paper and Scissors.”   Creating a Heart Tree Heart ornaments include hand-made papers made from glue, ribbons and holiday themed paper napkins. This technique is referred to Serendipity Paper. After the paper has…

Cyndi Pfeiffer

Here is the New Years Resolution I journaled. This is an altered book, which is  Spiral-bound. I painted the page in pink, added stickers for title, hand lettering, sanded everything, completed lettering then sealed with decoupage glue. I was inspired by my nutrition class & journaling for improving health.

Toni Young

New year resolution:  Moving more and to be happy(blue bird of happiness) Materials used: canvas,brushes,acrylic paints (primary colors) doodling done with a permanent marker, black gesso mixed  with blue, for the background making sure to allow some of the under colors to show thru and a tube for circles .

Jane James

This piece was created on a canvas panel using varies papers, rubber stamps,cheese cloth, thread, dresden die cuts, and brads. Everything was attached with thinned Elmer's glue and dimensionals.  There is a finishing coat of glazing medium on top.

Goldfish by Wanda Edwards

Torn Paper Painting Collages   I’m sending you my “Goldfish” piece to represent my New Year’s resolution. My resolution this year was to actually promote my art in a serious way. When I saw this challenge, I saw it as taking a step toward that very thing. A chance to swim in the big pond!…