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Coming to Roost

Barn owl, painted fabric for flight feathers, loosly tacked for dimension. The remainder of the owl is thread painted. Background is pieced and thread painted.12"x8"

owl whimsy

this was my project for a felted wonder and it was really fun to work on, I used cardboard for a tree trunk, color catchers dyed for leaves along with felted wools, old jewlery and buttons sewn on, needle felted tree top background and wool loopy yarn. I have watercolor paper on the edge with…

Sleep Well, stages 1-3

I stained the pages with coffee, tea, ink and acrylic.  I used a translucent violet ink to tint both pages, and attached black nylon mesh with matte medium.  Once that had dried I glued the imagery onto the pages.

Gnomes with tree of seasons

  Needle felted tree with all 4 seasons of the year and a special gnome that rules each season. 3 dimensional sculpture, 100% wool and glass beads. Summer has  apples and butterflies and a berry garden and flowers, Fall has orange, yellow, and red leaves, an owl, and a pumpkin patch, Winter has a snowbank…


Whooo…is that looking over the pumpkin patch?? Well it is Owliver of course… This is one of my latest polymer sculpts Owliver. He is sculpted in polymer. baked, cooled. a coat of black acrylic is applied, dried, a dry brush of cream is applied, dried, then I start adding layers of color, lastly I apply…

Coastcard (7): Time to reveal… the Owl and his friend

Caroline @ Coastcard: REVELATION TIME! I wanted to make an owl and a pussycat. In the end the owl became my main focus, as you will see. I used acrylic paint in complementary colours (green and red) alongside the pistachio nuts, which seemed perfect for the feathers of the 'elegant fowl'. My canvas was a…

Owl Love collage

My little owls have been a big seller this year! I've done these in lots of different papers, sizes, and configurations. This one measures 6X12.  Paper, india ink, and acrylics.