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Becky H., Connection 2

recycling photos from one issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors for the majority of this collage and other magazine photos to fill in to make this collage which represents, creativity, sharing ideas, and encouragement. I think I prefer version 1 better but it was fun to make two different styles with one piece of art.

Becky H., Connection 1

recycling photos from one issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors for the majority of this collage  and other magazine photos to fill in to make this collage which represents creativity,sharing ideas, and encouragement.

Lavender Tale

Handmade lavender paper from recycled magazines, junk mail and catalogs.  Background: Mixed media, collage, drawing and writing on board.

Plants to paper

I spend a great of time creating the paper which I use in other works. I also enjoy have others fall in love with the rich clors and textures in my hand made paper. There is something very rewarding in taking a plant you have harvested and working to trun into to a usualble peice of…

Sleep Well, stages 1-3

I stained the pages with coffee, tea, ink and acrylic.  I used a translucent violet ink to tint both pages, and attached black nylon mesh with matte medium.  Once that had dried I glued the imagery onto the pages.

Nothing left to lose, stages 1-3

This image includes the first three developmental stages for my visual journal pages, "Nothing left to lose".  I first stained the pages by soaking them in coffee, tea, and a small amount of black acrylic ink.  Since I soaked many pages at once, it left the intriguing patterned marks on the pages.  I then glued…

Live Authentically

This is the first page. After I am finished I'll bind the entire thing. The past few years I have been using a life coach and her question for me is always – is the life you living the life that wants to live in you? It has been a sometimes difficult and always eye opening…