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Trending Now: Make Paper Flowers!

Big, bold, beautiful blooms are a huge trend right now, and not just in mixed-media art. You’ll also spot them in fashion, accessories, fabric, home décor, and tableware. Even if you’re not a trend follower it’s difficult to ignore the vibrant color combinations and captivating shapes that flowers offer. Bring that appeal into your studio…

OOAK Halloween Assemblage/DollHouse Miniature

Go There Now Ive been working on this piece forever, finally finished after making lots of the elements by hand, the candles, books, bottles, picture frames, bars, tarot cards, voodoo doll and so much more there really is a lot to see, the picture doesn't do it justice. Go There Now

Silk painting

This is my first silk painting and I am totally hooked. I love how vibrant the dyes are and love how the painting just comes alive with so much color. Tell me what you think of it!

Elephant head

Turning the ugly into the beautiful…or…even uglier…depends on your mindset. I like finding objects that have been discarded or stashed in someone's attic because they just don't know what to do with it…like those Christmas gifts from Aunt Agnes. The Elephant head sconce was a pair (yeeks) given to a friend of mine many years ago…I said…

Time's Tale

This is part of a Time Art Series each having a clock part piece involved somehow.  I fancy this one because I love the clock part in it.  Materials include various paints, papers, natural found objects, and other refurbished, recycled objects.  I find having a theme which I can create a series from helps me…

Houses in Pastels

This was done on my mixed media journal page using oil and chalk pastels. The background layering I used Dylusions Ink and stencils then painted the houses on top and added lots of little detail with paints, markers, pens, stamps and rub ons. 

Late Season Flowers

I have always wanted to experiment with a needle felting project that incorporated dryer lint, so I decided to use two different colors of lint I saved from the clothes dryer for the earth and sky.  I hand embroidered the piece with various colors, used flower buttons for the flowers, and yarn strips for the…