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Painted Paper: A Creative Gift Wrap Idea

Looking for a creative way to wrap a special gift this holiday season? Cover it in something unique, like this patterned hand-printed paper created by artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire. And be sure to save your scraps; Elizabeth shares a bonus holiday card tutorial! This article originally appeared in our November/December 2016 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.…

Beauty in Color Collage

By Deborah Pierro – acrylic paints; flowers cut out from manila folders, painted, and hand sewed on; woman that i drew, then cut out and glued on; papers created from Julie Balzer's peacock stencils and glued on; a doily behind the woman; paint-created finger prints; and fork marks. Check out my blog at http://jtdebs-studio.blogspot.com/.

Storm at Sea

Wet felted wool with mulberry silk, silk hankies and mulberry bark fibre.  Free motion stitching with Rayon threads. Trimmed with handspun cotton floss and hand painted, handmade, paper beads.  All mounted onto washi paper bonded onto muslin.

If you ask MY opinion

Miss "My Opinion" was made by "felting" fabric onto fabric and wool roving for the hair and blouse on my 7 needle embellisher. The image was then handsewn appliqued onto paper fabric and bordered with paper sewn on by machine. The lettering is also paper sewn by machine.

Beeswax collage with a bird on it!

This is my second attempt at beeswax collage, and I'm so hooked on this technique! The beeswax smells wonderful as it melts, and I love how it fuses all the layers together. Yellow is calling my name of late, so a happy yellow birdie makes a perfect focal point for my collage!

Music Home

I have piles of sheet music that I acquired specifically for collage projects. I love the look of happy little notes peeking out behind thin layers of gel medium and acrylic paint. I thought this house needed some party lights and lanterns to show off the fun that's happening inside. It's time to sing!

The House of Chagalls Blue Lady

  My artwork is always about women, thus the woman in the house. The house is papier-mâché and I used hand painted paste paper for the roof and the stars and moon.  I trimmed the piece in small beads and dragonflies.  The women is one that I painted in the style of March Chagall.  I…


An vibrant artistic colony with much creative energies flowing around will need a prayer house I think. A quiet place for contemplation and centering. The design elements of this prayer house are influenced by the meditative traditions of the Yoga, Sufi, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism–the steeple, sloping roof with scroll ends, text on the wall,…