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Tutorial: Mixed-Media Magazine Holders

We’re having a fantastic Memorial Day sale on some of our favorite back issues of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, and to make these deals even sweeter, I’ve created some fun tutorials for making decorative mixed-media magazine holders! Using techniques found in some of these magazines, you can have one-of-a-kind holders to store Cloth Paper Scissors.…

Reasons To Be Happy

This map shows all the main attractions for my personal reasons to be happy.  I used some of my favorite mixed media techniques to create the background using bits of printed maps (mostly for the interesting lines) and had fun using modeling paste to create the raised areas on street/building areas.  The images and wording…

Beach Baby

My map is literally a map outlining one of the main features, attractions, activities of growing up in an Island life. "Beach Baby" is a mixed media snapshot of a life spent beachcombing, discovering and experiencing warm sand between the toes, ocean winds, sea sprays, crashing surfs, campfires and hours upon hours of swimming at our…

Mastermind by Anne Kneller

I created a map of the creative process depicting the thoughts that occupy my mind while Working. The fork in the road represents decisions and having to continually choose one thing over another. Mixed media stitching on watercolor paper with Dr. Martens marker dyes and India ink .. 8×8"


I was not born in Texas, but as the old saying goes, "I got here as fast as I could!" Since my surname is Outlaw, I guess you could also say — Texas is the place for me. Texas gave me a career, family and community and thus I am grateful to have found roots here. Geographically…

Bingo! Planner Templates by Erin Zamrzla

Bind a custom planner like Erin Zamrzla in Pages Winter 2015. ***The free download link is below for logged-in users. To access Cloth Paper Scissors web extras, bonus patterns, tips, techniques, and more—all absolutely FREE—please register or sign in.

OOAK Halloween Assemblage/DollHouse Miniature

Go There Now Ive been working on this piece forever, finally finished after making lots of the elements by hand, the candles, books, bottles, picture frames, bars, tarot cards, voodoo doll and so much more there really is a lot to see, the picture doesn't do it justice. Go There Now