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The Vermilion Flycatcher in the Secret Garden (mixed media sculpture)

Hello!  New here and just thought I would post some of my artwork. This is a mixed media piece constructed of wood, acrylics, paperclay and copper.  I love creating secret garden pieces that tell a story.  The Vermilion Flycatcher is a colorful little bird that lives in a part of the Copperwood Forest.  She is…

Gretchen – OOAK Art Doll Faerie

Gretchen is hand-made from a styrofoam, wire, wood and aluminum armature covered in paper clay. Her wings are made from mod podged paper and other mixed media and sprinkled with faerie dust. Her hair is made from 100% acrylic yarn and her face and body were drawn and coloured with colored pencils and acrylic paint.…

JoJo Felted Doll

This is one of my felted dolls I've been making. The body and baubles are wool, and the face is paperclay. ( you can see others on my blog,too. http://theredtin.blogspot.com/ )


OOAK doll sculpted in polymer clay and Creative paperclay. Painted and stained with acrylic paint and sealed with a matte sealer. Here is the poem I wrote for him: Cat-astrophe Melvin's wife was quite the nag,he stopped listening to her long ago.He never heard her yell, (the old bag)"The light's blown out, the stairs are…

Candy Apples

Paperclay with wooden sticks. Painted in acrylics, stained and sealed. by David H. Everett  http://www.chickenlips.biz