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Magazine storage and reading space.

This is where I sit in a sunny spot to  contact the Muse, and to appreciate many other artistic ideas from talented people.My magazines are never thrown away and I have many back copies of Cloth Paper Scissors among the the titles in my stash…..Sigh too many really.

Art Library area of studio

Messy but precious, my books are my friends and we visit together often. I store my magazines in the reading area out of picture in a specially made magazine storage space with a favorite chair for reading.

Easel ,tabaret & workbench corner

Looking into my painting area from the study,  the  studio contains my art library, glassworking, printmaking, paper stores, painting and mosaic areas but many overlap each other as you can see. The entire studio/gallery are covers 17 x 7 meters( 50x20ft) and is divided into studio and gallery areas by a central partition wall that…

Dandelion Ink Studio

This is a vintage child-size dresser holds my brushes, calligraphy supplies and a treasured collection of pottery my children made. http://dandelioninkstudio.blogspot.com

3 Crock Pot for Encaustic

Found this great 3 crock pot warmer for keeping my different waxes melted when painting encaustic in my studio. One pot has white beeswax, one has yellow beeswax, and the third has encaustic medium. I wrote on the brush handles so I know which one goes with what pot. Really helps when working on larger…

3Inspiration Space, Becky H.

I love cubbies! Storage shelves, bins, drawers, and lots of lighting are my art space must-haves. Displaying some of my own art and other images to get my creativity started. Things from Target, World Market, mixed with vintage pieces, and things from my portfolio organize and decorate my art space and gives it a unique…