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'The Pen'

Word collage topped with 3-D silhouette of a quill pen. On the other side is the quote, "…the pen is mightier than the sword."

Crossed eyed girl

This little drawing took some time to create the hair just the way I like it to look.  I used pen, pencil (graphite) and color pencils, black sharpie marker. 

'Fish out of Water & Me' Mixed Media on Canvas 10" x 12"

'Fish out of Water & Me' 10" x 12" Original Mixed Media Artwork on Canvas (Acrylic, Pen, Pencil, Pastel & Embellishments) ©2013. A bit of background on this piece…I have named this painting 'Fish out of water and me' … 'because over the years on lots of occasions I have felt like a fish out of…