Tag: Pencil

Time's Tale

This is part of a Time Art Series each having a clock part piece involved somehow.  I fancy this one because I love the clock part in it.  Materials include various paints, papers, natural found objects, and other refurbished, recycled objects.  I find having a theme which I can create a series from helps me…

Captured Butterfly

Done with pencil and white ink on a 4 " x 4" card.  This took about a week from start to finish.  It was wonderful fun to just sit and let my mind and hands play with this as I did about four rough sketches before I settled on this one.  Hope you all enjoy!

Jane Austen's Lizzie

While I was drawing faces for this challenge I happened to be watching Pride and Prejudice, you know the good one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. The more I shaded her the more I realized she looks like Lizzie! So here she is. 🙂 Pencil, clear gesso and colored pencils.