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Top 5 Tips for Mixed-Media Polymer Clay Jewelry

I love a good tip! I collect good jewelry-making tips like some folks collect stamps and coins. I post them on a cork board above my desk; I keep a list on my laptop. A good tip can save you time, money, and something else just as precious—frustration! So when we released our newest polymer…

Create Jewelry and More with Polymer Clay!

I love the versatility of polymer clay. If you blend the right colors in the right ways, clay can “be” wood, leather, gemstones, paper, pebbles, glass, fabric, and more. Clay can mimic supplies that aren’t always readily available or suitable for art and jewelry, like flowers, leaves, and wings. Polymer clay provides a lightweight substitute…

How to Create Doodled Clay Jewelry

Want to combine your love of doodling and jewelry making? Kari McKnight Holbrook has a fun way to do that! Follow her tutorial for creating doodled polymer clay jewelry; this project also appears in our summer 2015 issue of Zen Doodle Workshop. Doodled Clay Jewelry by Kari McKnight Holbrook I’m an artist who really enjoys getting…

Make These Polymer Clay Ornaments!

‘Tis the season for all things holiday, including decorations. If you love unique ornaments, especially ones that are personalized, I have such a great project for you! I just finished making painted polymer clay ornaments that are featured in the November/December 2017 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, and they’re so fantastic—luminous and textured and gorgeous.…

Tree of LIFE

I am drawn to trees. They are a visual representation of life taught in the Scripture of the Bible. There are many verses relating to trees on this piece. Cloth and polymer clay make up the leaves. Acrylic and Ink on canvas.

OOAK Halloween Assemblage/DollHouse Miniature

Go There Now Ive been working on this piece forever, finally finished after making lots of the elements by hand, the candles, books, bottles, picture frames, bars, tarot cards, voodoo doll and so much more there really is a lot to see, the picture doesn't do it justice. Go There Now

Faux Lampwork Headpins

Learn how to make them in the May/June 2013 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.  Check them out on my blog.  http://ispywithmycraftyeyes.blogspot.com/2013/05/article-published-in-cloth-paper.html