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Banana Day 2014

This is a postcard I made for a banana day exchange toward the end of 2014. It's about 4 x 8 inches in size and features Paul Colin's painting of Josephine Baker in her banana skirt. Collage, paint, etc. To see more of my art, visit my flickr page:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/corgifeet/with/12845953074/

black, white, read all over ornament challenge due July 11, 2014

My Frida Kahlo ornament can be used year round as it includes various drawings that I have did of Frida Kahlo throughout her lifetime.  I trimmed down on of my art exhibition postcard invitations to the proper size, then added color red heart made from silky ribbon.  I, also, added a red ribbon, recycled, to hang…

discover postcard

my entry for the postcard swap with beth nichols site-Love this so much! I used dyed color catchers, acrylic abstract sheet and watercolor sheet, fabrics, trims and buttons with a touch of sari silk. I wish I had made two of them! thank you for visiting-www.justmiriamsstuff.blogspot.com

Dreaming of Home – Soft Pastel Collage

No matter what age we live in, and no matter how beautiful the place we find ourselves in, there really is no place like home. This collage is made with a print of a postcard, a "removed" subject  from artist Frederic Bazille's painting "The Pink Dress" (she was clipped from a digital print then pasted onto the…

Branching Out

It started with an abstract background; then I added a branch.  Then I added another and soon little leaves with faces adorned the branches, which resembled a tree.  The background was pieced. The fabric leaves were adhered with fabric glue, then hand-stiched with an irridescent embroidery floss.  I used cotton quilt batting and backed the…