Tag: Rubber Stamps

Deer Oh Deer

I have always been intrigued by Medieval illuminated manuscripts and wanted to create the feel of one in mixed media.  "Deer Oh Deer" uses acrylic paints and mediums, used tea bags and tissue paper, pen and ink, cloth ribbon, and original artwork to try to give the feel of the age and depth of those…

Time 2 Save

"Time 2 Save" is a bank made from a cigar tin. I covered the tin with hand stamped and painted collage papers. I embellished it further with brass wire, glass beads, a length from an old ruler and found pieces.

Romantic Victorian "My heart smiles at the thought of you."

This Victorian beauty has a vintage fabric dress embellished with white lace.  Her hat was created with paper flowers, glitter, tulle & paint.  I also used rubber stamps, lace & acrylic paint for the background. Thinking about my husband and our marriage together has given me these words…"My heart smiles at the thought of you."…