Tag: Sculptures

Texture of Solice

I was please to have this piece shown at Devon house gallery in the comfort and joy show of 2011 This Sculpture uses recycled paper and Mountain Ash berries to create the pulp which i hand cast onto an antique piece of tin clueing to give the beautiful texture which makes one want to reach out…

Walking on Air – Meditation Altar

Go There Now I found this small produce cabinet at a local thrift store. It was an ugly green color, and yes, smelled like garlic and onions. I cleaned and sanded it, then added a layer of gesso. Once that was done, I added paint, gold leaf paint, glass beads, and a drawer pull. Instead…

Art Studio Pet

I've started a collection of little art studio pets.  If I'm stuck on a bigger project, I throw one of these little guys together and they hang out on my work table.  Fun, low maintenance pet.  I haven't named him yet. 

Park Outside of City

By Deborah Pierro: I found this "interesting" piece at a trash dumpster, calling my name. So … this is what I did. I painted and markered the plastic piece that slides in through the top with a cityscape and re-inserted it. Then I painted the "stage" part green and used air-dry Sculpey to make the trees,…

The Beautiful Coco

Coco was born of my hands using polymer clay. Wire legs help her balance on top of this old pool ball. To see more of Coco's performance visit my art blog at http://curiousfleacircus.blogspot.com