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10 Ways to Use Your Sewing Machine for Mixed-Media Stitch

Soon after I got married, I purchased a high-quality sewing machine—a splurge at the time. I was getting by on a so-so hand-me-down, and I really, really wanted a good machine. Nothing fancy, but one that would be with me for years if I took good care of it. Little did that machine know what…

Creative Paper Crafts: Tips for How to Stitch Unique Papers

Today’s blog post is written by Online Editorial Manager Cate Prato, and celebrates Jenny Cochran Lee’s cool techniques for a making textured papers. In Jenny’s “Vintage Fade-Out,” the Art Lesson for August, learn how to select a color palette and discover fun, easy methods for giving paper an aged, vintage look. Creative Paper Art: Tips for How…

Scrappiez' business card display

Go There Now I wanted a unique, creative way to display my business cards that would represents me, yet still convey my passion and vision for Scrappiez. WWW.Facebook.com/Scrappiez Go There Now

Peace in the Barnyard Journal Page

In a holiday frame of mind, I began this art journal page with a distressed copy of a vintage catalog page layered on a painted background. On top of that was a dove outline sewn on muslin adhered to watercolor paper – this was then  lightly stuffed to raise the surface. This was layered onto…

Yuletide Trees 1

Vintage & Modern Fabrics and trimmings on a base of modern papers. Stitched with sparkly thread on a 25 year old New Home sewing machine.

Whispered Secrets

Her face is fashioned from craft felt.  Strips of recycled t-shirt fabric are hand-hooked into burlap cloth – much as one would hook a rug – to create her tresses.  The background fabric is a portion of unbleached muslin onto which I write during my morning meditation process. The muslin is heavily machine-stitched to a…

Dance in Light

Materials used are my hand-dyed fabric, paper, watercolors, gel transfers (text), beads, hand embroidery, machine stitching. My inspiration was my watercolor painting, of which the best part was the leaves! So I cut them out and glued and embroidered them to the background. I layered fabrics to create the background, embellishing with tissue paper, beads,…

Queen of Hearts Rising

Image transfer to cloth from scan of cut and paste collage, hand and machine stitching, paint, metal, floral, sequin, ribbon embellishments, fabric -wrapped wood backing.

'Birds & the Bee' Mixed Media Piece by Tanya Anne Cole

Original Mixed Media Artwork 'Birds & the Bee' 10" x 12" on Canvas (Paper, Stitching, Fabric, Acrylic, Pen, Pencil, Art Pens) ©2013  We all need to pop our heads out into the world, be brave, speak up, be seen and trust. http://tancoleartist.com/

mini sewing needle book

LOVE this challenge! Made with lots of little things, just over 2 by 3 inches and sewn with papers, fabrics, trims, of course hand carved antique bone needles inside and a great old crystal I had to put on the front. hope you like, you can visit my blog at www.justmiriamsstuff.blogspot.com have a great mini…