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black, white, read all over ornament challenge due July 11, 2014

My Frida Kahlo ornament can be used year round as it includes various drawings that I have did of Frida Kahlo throughout her lifetime.  I trimmed down on of my art exhibition postcard invitations to the proper size, then added color red heart made from silky ribbon.  I, also, added a red ribbon, recycled, to hang…

Silk painting

This is my first silk painting and I am totally hooked. I love how vibrant the dyes are and love how the painting just comes alive with so much color. Tell me what you think of it!

Artistic Vision

This mixed-media cuff is made with a recycled silk shirt, dictionary words, beads & button. I loved making and I hope the swap recipient enjoys it!

Gelato Gems Mixed-media Jewelry Swap

Gelato Gems is made with gelato spoons saved from when I lived in Italy and used to make the large beads and pendant.  The gelato spoons were melted, decorated with an Italian playing card, Florentine paper, inks, and gold paint.  A silk sweater was unraveled (thanks to an Indy upcycle shop) for the yarn and…

Fabric post card

I have used heated organza, beads with hand and machine stitching. I  embroidered hidden gems and pearls of wisdom long with a little mermaid. 

North Carolina River in Thread

Thread painting on painted Habutai silk, 5" x 7".  This thread painting done in rayon embroidery threads on a painted silk background was based on a photograph taken by my friend, Edgar Woodfin of a river near Tuxedo, North Carolina in October.  It is all straight stitch.

Two Nomad Travelers

  This mixed Media Quilt  has fabrics of silk, cotton, batik, antique lace, papers/travel journals, Afganistan prayer boxes, ceramic beads, African and glass beads, hand made copper shield with a mica window. These are the items they gathered during there Nomadic travels through many lands.

Silken Dream – Maureen Tillman

8"x8" deep sided canvas. A photo reproduction of a young Victorian girl (from WikiCommons) is ink jet printed on to silk. The silk print is machine stitched on to a beautiful French script fabric which is attached to the canvas with acrylic medium. There are 3 beautiful paper blossoms secured in lower right corner and…