Tag: Stamping

Dear to Me mixed media

This painting wasn't intended to be considered seasonal, but many people like seeing it around the winter holidays. Painted on Aquarelle watercolor paper using watercolors and acrylic paint.  I stamped designs into wet gesso for the antlers and used fabric roses painted pink for the flowers.  Little beads were painted, cut and adhered to the…

Dream Big

Go There Now As a young girl I would look out the window at night and would be so amazed at how big the world was. I wanted to travel to many places. Nothing has changed. I look out the window and still have many more dreams and journeys to experience. I chose India ink,…


I usually work mostly with drawings and acrylic paintings. I've recently started experimenting in Mixed arts and i LOVE it. So heres my first entry 😊

Easter Luminaria

 Constructed from heavy duty watercolor paper textured with layers of acrylic paint. The light openings are cut-outs of chicks and folksy dots, and this has been embellished with free-form machine sewn fabric eggs, hand sewn beads, and decoratively edged corners. I based it on the X-Book design. Opened, it measures 10"w x 3-3/4"h x 3"d. It'll fold…

Dreams Come True Journal Page

Been challenging myself to draw and paint more faces since the recent  CPS "FACES" challenge. Here's one of my recent art journal pages where I grabbed a Victoria's Secret catalog and used one of the model faces for inspiration.

Dream Pocket Charm Holder

These are 2" x 3" hand painted cloth pockets featuring loteria cards, buttons, glitter, stamping, and fabric scraps. No two exactly alike. They are meant to hold a small note or charm tucked in the back slit. I sell them on my Etsy shop.