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Magazine storage and reading space.

This is where I sit in a sunny spot to  contact the Muse, and to appreciate many other artistic ideas from talented people.My magazines are never thrown away and I have many back copies of Cloth Paper Scissors among the the titles in my stash…..Sigh too many really.

Art Library area of studio

Messy but precious, my books are my friends and we visit together often. I store my magazines in the reading area out of picture in a specially made magazine storage space with a favorite chair for reading.

90% Ikea mixed media craft room

This is where all  my art/craft books are kept. I actually got this unit at Target so it and the tool shelf are the only non-Ikea units in the room. I try to keep the books and magazines organized by subject. Top shelf is paper/mixed media/collage stuff. Second shelf is magazines in the paper/mixed media…

90% Ikea mixed media craft room

This table is also from Ikea. The top can actually be tilted like an architects but I have NEVER been able to do that as there's always way too much stuff on top of it. It has two trestle's under it and each of those has a shelf on it so I have more stuff…

90% Ikea mixed media craft room

These two Ikea units hold my paper. The drawers are organized by color. Most of the paper I use is wallpaper from discontinued wallpaper books, so the pieces are large and these units hold it easily. The top of one unit is my cutting station with assorted tools for that. The top of the other…

90% Ikea mixed media craft room

This is one wall in my room. That's a closet organizer from Ikea that goes floor to ceiling. The shelves come in different widths. The poles that go floor to ceiling have been installed by a handyman, they are not tension rods, which I prefer as I've put a lot of weight on these things,…

Dandelion Ink Studio

This is a vintage child-size dresser holds my brushes, calligraphy supplies and a treasured collection of pottery my children made. http://dandelioninkstudio.blogspot.com