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Energize Your Artwork with Natural Texture

When I’m taking a walk in the woods or strolling on the beach, I’m aware of the colors of nature, but also the look and feel of natural texture: glossy leaves, velvety moss, rugged boulders, and spiky grasses. Nathalie Kalbach is a fan of texture too, and she interprets it in the coolest, most unique…

Tea Bag Art: Texture Techniques with Crystal Neubauer

Texture invites viewers to take a closer look at a piece of art. Once I saw Crystal Neubauer’s texture techniques, I knew I had to try them. In the July Art Lesson, Crystal uses everyday materials (coffee and tea bags) to stain, stamp, stitch, and stack to add both visual and physical texture and create…

Art journaling ideas | Rae Missigman, ClothPaperScissors.com

Once You Start, There’s No Turning Back | Art Journaling Ideas

Today we bring you a guest blog from mixed-media artist Rae Missigman, whose touchable art journals are the hot topic of our newest Art Lesson: Journals With Texture (download it here!). Rae’s work and advice will leave you inspired and informed! ~Cherie An Element of Texture by Rae Missigman As artists, we tend to focus…

Fly – Art Journal Page Process

I love spending time in my art journal creating, and this page is about using the wings you have been given and soaring, we can hold ourselves back from so much.  I hope that it is a blessing

Make Your Mixed-Media Art Touchable With Textured Mediums

For eons, we’ve accepted that humans have five senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. But when I was listening to the radio recently, I heard that scientists believe there are additional senses, including the sense of time (They can just try to prove that one when we’re in the journaling zone, though, can’t they?).…

Winter Solstice

I'm delighted to offer my piece to this audience because it was chosen by CQA, the Canadian Quilting Association as 1st place in a recent contest sponsored by their quarterly magazine. The quilt is 22" sq. The background is over dyed commercial fabric using RIT dye, sprinkled and dampened. The trees are made from upholstery…

Nervous Texture "calmed" down

I took the "nervous"  photo from Jenn's blog post and overlaid it with a photo that I took. It is a bare winter tree with red berries, and it is textured with some textures available on my iPhone App Camera Awesome


Acrylic paint, ink and pen on canvas. 18×18 inches    

Suffer for My Art

Sometimes I am inspired by certain music when I work. I wasn't sure where to place this piece. This is a 3/4 cello that my daughter played until it literally fell apart and the sound peg was no longer operable. I had it in the basement for about 5 year because I never throw anything…