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Winter Day original monoprint, mixed media by Eileen Blodgett

Winter Day original monoprint, mixed media by Eileen Blodgett . Using Daniel Smith water based inks, masa paper, hand cut stencils and subtractive inking techniques, this mono print was printed on masa paper. I like to start with 2 colors and add a third. Limiting my palette, I try several color combinations by changing out…

City Nights

12×12 canvas, acrylic paints, tree stencils, modeling paste, paper (city scape and moon),

Fantasy Fall Trees

By Deborah A. Pierro — On cardboard using gesso; paper stenciled with Crafters Workshop trees and painted with metallic copper acrylic paint; paper at bottom printed with gel pad; acrylic paints sponged on for the sky and the grass; metallic sequin leaves in different colors glued on; glitter glue; Plaid clear acrylic sealer, and mod podge

Fragile Elm

A new mixed media portrait painting ..a litle bit moody ..a little bit evocative of a gothic afternoon. If you look for the story within the painting it is sure to surface! 8x10x 1 1/2 inches in dimension on stretched canvas   for a peek at more pictures of my work..   http://heathermurrayart.blogspot.ca/