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Traveling light

I love to recycle old wood furniture and everything else l find thrown away. I used here an old table leg, rusty nails,decoration flowers, beads, croche, cloth, ball….  

Collaged eggs

I love to upcycle items. Here I used torn pages from old books to give a new look to pastel painted wood eggs. Much better now! http://www.dandelioninkstudio.blogspot.com


PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU LIKE THIS OR HAVE SOME CONSTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS TO SHARE ,I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR GENEROSITY .My crazy love of colour and shiny things !. BLING !  .I have used white blown vinyl wallpaper that has the appearance of a sea shell that i have painted and waxed etc, plastic…


STYLISH STEAMPUNK  All materials used have been donated, recycled or upcycled.  To look at the process in pictures please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.240228846134746.1073741838.149972985160333&type=1 Materials used: paints – spray, acrylic, metallics; eyeshadow – white, browns; metals – broken jewelery, antique lock & key, watch pieces, eyelets, necklace chains; old stamp, mesh from old shawl, tassels from lamp…

Yeti couple.

These are two soft stuff yeti's made from upcycled J. Crew wool sweater from a charity resale store. The faces and bellies are made from wool felt. Hand embroidered face details complement the eyes and noses.  The feel of their fur is so comforting and the tiny claws are not the least bit frightening. The…

Old Glory II

Vintage window shutter (de-slatted) used as frame, MDF panel added to backside. Found objects selected, trimmed, glued and/or nailed.  Topcoat of satin varnish. Constructed by Cathleen Bradley  

A Thousand Winds

This was a fun piece to make. I used a pressed and dried flower from an arrangement I had received, then cut magazine paper to make the leaves. painted and stenciled the rest along with a snipet from a poem.

Vintage Suitcase Table

Hi all ~This is a vintage suitcase, one of those old plastic-covered wood types.   I collect suitcases and upcycle the ones I don't want to display.  I painted it with acrylic paints, lined the inside and attached it with brackets to the legs from an old ugly footstool!  I gave it to my daughter to…