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Spring has Sprung! art journal page

By Deborah A. Pierro – Started out just applying light blue, metallic red, and green acrylic paint. Then I outlined my fantasy flowers with a black Sharpie. Added clouds painted with white acrylic paint and a little silver acrylic paint sponged on–then a a butterfly painted with acrylic paint and circles made sponging on black…

"New Style" Zentangle

By Deborah A. Pierro – Another zentangle that I did in my large art journal. This time I stamped using a wine cork and the lid of a marker and stenciled inside some of the sections of the zentangle. I just colored in other areas. I used Sharpie pens, gel pens, markers, and  acrylic paints. It…

First Zentangle of 2013

By Deborah A. Pierro – I did this in my 12" x 14" art  journal, which contains paper that looks aged. I used Sharpies and gel pens for the entire thing.

The Little Prince

I used the silhouette of a photo of my grandson on a gessoed canvas for this piece. I applied torn pieces of an antiqued celestial map.  I then sanded it and glazed colors all over with acrylics and inks. Next, I built the window frame using molding paste. I glued the silhouette, planets, and words to the…

London Games 2012

This Mixed media piece is to celebrate the Olympic Games coming to London in 2012.  I love to reuse lost, damaged and unwanted things. This is made from all recycled objects, pages from a Dickens Novel of 1898, old A-Z pages, pieces from vintage games, beads from old necklaces, a broken ruler from the USA,…

gathering beauty

Vintage and decorative papers were altered and layered with acrylic paint, inks, and pencils to create this mixed-media collage on a 9×12 cradled board.


I used acrylic paint, torn paper, stamps, cutout images, torn masking tape and random words

entitled "7; Guardian of Loss" mixed media assemblage art doll

"7; Guardian of loss" is a mixed media assemblage art doll. He was created from an armature of recycled foil that was wrapped in floral tape and covered with paperclay. His head is pure sculpt paperclay. His rich coloring comes from layers of oil sticks, acrylic paint wash with acrylic flow release, vintage papers and…

entitled "a reflection in the woods" mixed media assemblage

"a reflection in the woods" is a mixed media assemblage wall hanging. This piece was created from an upcycled mirror, a length of "scrap" crown molding, bamboo skewers and vintage papers and newspaper. Multiple layers of molding paste sculpted into the wooden and acrylic paint create the form of the piece. The skewers (tree trunks) were then…

Special Delivery

Special Delivery by Elaine Brady Smith, 2009, 20" x 20" Mixed Media Collage on Canvas includes vintage postage stamps, vintage newspaper, book, and magazine pages, vintage string, old cardboard numbers, vintage rubber stamp images, vintage postal stickers, vintage handwritten envelopes, acrylic paint and mediums.