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Rae Missigman's Paint, Stencil, Stitch Kit

Mark Making with Printing Plates

Rae Missigman has a new kit, and it’s perfect for all your mixed-media creations! Rae Missigman’s Paint, Stencil, Stitch Kit includes her four new videos, four Art Lessons, plus her Boxy Blooms Stamp Set and three of her stencils from StencilGirl Products! Here’s Rae to tell you about a fun technique for printing and creating…

Studio Saturdays: Wonderful Watercolor

Watercolor is taking the mixed-media world by storm, showing up on art journal pages, in collages, and in hand lettering. Artists are discovering that it’s incredibly easy to get stunning results with this gorgeous medium. I used three easy watercolor techniques in my art journal to get very different effects: I painted a dry-brush background,…

Wunter Fields

This began as a watercourse and kink sketch, which I have woodworker gigantically Shintoisms mixed media digitization.   Veron1104

I am Beautiful

 This collage is a response to a few weeks of feeling badly about gaining some weight with the change in my age. I decided to look to the truth and not become a person who employs negative self-speech!   The detail photo shows what is written. 🙂