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Printmaking in 3-D: Make Mini Mixed-Media Houses

Artist Lisa Kessler was experiencing a bout of creative block when a friend offered her some scrap lumber. She immediately envisioned the scraps as little house shapes and imagined using carving block sketches to decorate the surface of the wood! Follow Lisa’s tutorial from the May/June 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors to try out…

Butterfly Dreams

Mixed media piece constructed of wood, paperclay and copper.  Head down another path into the Copperwood Forest, and you will find the dreaming butterfly gardens….

The Vermilion Flycatcher in the Secret Garden (mixed media sculpture)

Hello!  New here and just thought I would post some of my artwork. This is a mixed media piece constructed of wood, acrylics, paperclay and copper.  I love creating secret garden pieces that tell a story.  The Vermilion Flycatcher is a colorful little bird that lives in a part of the Copperwood Forest.  She is…

Rustic Home Mixed Media Wood & Found Objects Art

Rustic home was created with pieces of wood I found while exploring in the country. I applied them to a wooden bookcase shelf, painted them, embellished them with found objects, and decorative paper covored gears, and sealed it all. 

Repurposed Boxes

Used wooden boxes and a garden gate were salvaged, sanded, sealed and redirected for a new lease on life. Old book covers, came boards, shutter slats, wooden implements (and more) were cleaned, cut and nailed to dress-up the containers.


a patchwork of homemade papers, duct tape, metal frame, painted wooden heart & a quote.