Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture: Free Mixed-Media Sculpture Ideas

Take your craft to the next dimension with wire, fiber arts, paper clay techniques, paper maché ideas, and your imagination.

The editors of Cloth Paper Scissors Today have compiled four easy-to-follow tutorials on 3D mixed-media art in this free eBook to help you venture into the world of art mixed-media sculpture.

In this download, you’ll learn how to create mixed-media sculpture, paper maché (also known as papier-maché) art, and fiber sculpture using paper clay techniques, sewing, embellishing, soldering, and collage. You’ll use materials including fabric, graphic papers, jewelry and found objects, paper clay, and wire.


Download this free eBook of three-dimensional art sculpture techniques.

From paper clay to fiber arts, discover mixed-media sculpture ideas.
What’s inside?

Each article features an interesting method for creating art sculpture, using all sorts of fun materials. Learn how to make clay sculptures, paper maché art, and fiberarts sculptures, all while creating 3D art that is only limited by your imagination.

Fiber Arts Technique: Funky Fiber Trees

Fiber Arts Technique: Article #1

Funky Fiber Trees by Leilani Pierson

"Conceiving and creating with fiber art is one of the most romantic ways of dreaming," says Leilani, who over the years has shaped, sewn, and decorated a garden of fantastical fiber sculpture trees from fabric scraps, embellishments, and her imagination. She’ll show you how to do it yourself!

Paper Maché (Papier Maché) Art Technique: Step into a Story

Paper Maché (Papier Maché) Art Technique: Article #2

Step into a Story by Gail Walker

Gail’s first pair of paper-maché art shoes were inspired by a song featured in the movie "Where the Wild Things Are." Her tutorial explains how to make and use graphic papers, plus stitch, collage, and paper-maché to create these 3-D mixed-media sculptures.

Paper Clay Art Technique: Fanciful Sculptures

Paper Clay Art Technique: Article #3

Fanciful Sculptures by Elaine Thomas

Drawing on her experience creating fiber sculpture dolls, Elaine researched clay sculpture when she wanted to branch out into other media. In this tutorial, she describes how to form paper clay into a head and torso, paint it, and add vintage elements to add personality and whimsy.

Wire and Clay Sculptures Technique: Wire and Clay Sculpture

Wire and Clay Sculptures Technique: Article #4

Wire & Clay Sculpture by Tory Brokenshire

If you know how to solder, Tori’s tutorial is a great way to use this technique with wire to create three-dimensional art pieces. You will discover the "anatomy of a wire sculpture" and how to flesh out your creation using paper clay, paint, and found objects.

This is one guide every mixed-media artist will want to have handy.

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