Easy Gifts to Make

Gather your fabric scraps, art journaling pens, embellishments and paper, and create easy homemade gifts. Enjoy a fun day playing with mixed-media materials and deciding which of our creative handmade gift ideas you want to try.


Ruth Rae's inspiration, part 2: Fabric gift bag

Watching Ruth Rae's Art Dress video got me thinking about how versatile a fabric muslin is. In this video, Ruth transforms ordinary muslin into a work-of-art dress embellished with free-motion stitched words, plus a collage, ruffles, and more. The finished project is stunning. But it's also achievable. As with all of Ruth's videos, she takes…


DIY Holiday Project: Shisha Ornaments

Embroidery was one of the first crafts I learned growing up. I've gone back to it at various times throughout the years, but I have to admit it's been a while since I've even picked up an embroidery needle and thread. But when I saw the Shisha Ornaments project in the brand new DIY Holiday…


Last-Minute Gift-Making Ideas for Your Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m pleased to tell you my older daughter loved the accordion-fold book I made and sent to her at college (and the Harry Potter stamps, too). I’m also embarrassed to say that I don’t have anything for my younger daughter who still lives at home-but the day isn’t over yet! Looking for…


Handmade Ornaments for Baby and More

In our office right now we are fairly bursting with babies. Two staff members just welcomed their first grandchildren and two more staffers are expecting. Needless to say, handmade gifts for baby are on my mind. Use a purchased bezel like this one by Kristen Robinson or start with an heirloom locket to make handmade…


Make a Mixed-Media Photo Gift for Mom

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, I have always most enjoyed the handmade, heartfelt ones: poems, drawings, pinch pots, and the like. Even as my girls have grown into adulthood, I’ve made it clear I prefer something from the heart over something from the mall. (My birthday is a different story). ‘Heart Full of…