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About the Artist

 Ann Puddicombe has the smallest of studios in the old coal room of her house. Each painted, sculpted, stitched and composed creation is touched by nature. Ann even as a child found connections with nature and could see depth in things that most people overlook. 

Born in Washington and living her first several years in the state of Michigan let Ann experienced the colors and textures in different surroundings.

In 1975 with her family — Ann took the ferry ride across the Cabot Straight and landed on the treeless shores of Port Aux Basque, Newfoundland.  Ann grew up on the east coast of the island, in Adeytown. The small town melded its culture and landscape and imprinted Ann —affecting what she loves to create.

Graduating and moving to Winnipeg for college gave Ann the opportunity to spend the next two summers traveling and across northern Manitoba and Belgium.  The time taught her that people will create beautifully using what they live with and without.
Dryden, Ontario has been her inspiration for art over the last twenty years.  So much of what Ann loves can be seen around her and in her work. In developing her art style Ann has used many mediums to create.  Handmade paper has become a focus for her art. The whole process of hiking, gathering and processing elements from what grows is how Ann shares what she loves. Having someone spend time feeling the texture and the smell of her natural and recycled papers simply makes her happy.

Eager to continuing to  develop her art,  the last couple of  years has seen  Ann  win a first place in a juried miniture art show in the sculpture category as well as a honorable mention in the still life catrgory. Ann was also pleased to have piece of her art work show in the Devon House Christmas art exibition in StJohns, Newfoundland. A further way to share her work has been creating seed paper that for  EverGreen Memories  a businiess which runs locally and distributes throughout NorthAmercia. Also a 1st place win for a diabites awarenss poster was a fun encouragement to keep exploring use of differnt art mediums.